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BUILD NOW Duvell is a metal machine that doesn’t skimp out on anything related to playability and tone. It’s a superstrat-shaped instrument with bolt-on neck and pointed horns for aggressive look. BUILD NOW Pinnacle of modern headless guitar design. Engineered with supreme comfort, playability & tone in mind. Available with fixed and tremolo bridges. BUILD NOW Definitely one of our most snapped up guitars. A powerful neck-thru-body construction instrument, with hundreds of custom options available. Modern sound with a hint of classic shape.

Please note what you see is just a digital representation of wood and colour samples. While we can guarantee your guitar will meet highest Mayones quality standards, actual instrument will be different from pictures shown. While we put a tremendous effort to give you a tool that is helpful and fun, please consider the end result as only a preview, not an exact representation of a completed guitar.

We are aware that with all our custom options available, picking a perfect combination can be daunting. Mayones Configurator allows you creating a preview of your dream guitar before you order it. We have our best to present you the most complete list of parts, colours & woods available at Mayones Custom Shop. However, if you still desire something extra, please contact your local Mayones Dealer.

Please note that this site is currently in beta – under active developement. If you are encountering any issues and / or would like to suggest some changes, please contact us at

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